About The Breed

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These dogs love people and have no idea that their size is something of a deterrent to being a lap dog. Confident and keenly aware of their surroundings, they are watchdogs in that they may alert you to the presence of strangers, but that’s primarily because they’re eager to greet and please “their” guests.

While their love of people makes them failures as guard dogs, their courage is unmatched and they will defend their family with their lives.

Like every dog, American Pitbull Terriers need early socialization — exposure to many different people, sights, sounds, and experiences when they’re young. Socialization helps to ensure that your your puppy grows up to be a well-rounded dog.

They are very obedient and love to please their family. Of course, you can also find them living as companions, and therapy dogs showering their humans with love and affection.

It’s important to remember that dogs of any breed can suffer from health issues throughout their lives.

Pitbulls actually make very smart, loyal, and loving pets. Especially if socialized as a puppy. Unfortunately, the pitbull breed has a very bad reputation, which is totally untrue. There's no such thing as a bad dog, just bad and unknowledgeable pet owners.